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“African” Chicken

Inspired by Amy and her recipe for Mexican Mac & Cheese, which sounds yummy and which I think I will make sometime in the next week or so… When winter winds blow and the mercury drops, one of our family’s … Continue reading

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The Hawaii Chair

"If you can sit, you can get fit!" Really, there are no words.

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Books are for nerds.

And, apparently, reading books to your children is for nerdy parents. All the cool parents will now be farming out their dreary drudgerous reading-aloud duties to the Tag Reading System, a new wonder device from your good friends at LeapFrog. … Continue reading

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How I know I’m really a boy, Reasons #4678-4681

Football (srsly, if anyone had to beat the Packers, I’m glad it was the Giants. I may feel a post brewing on Eli Manning.) Mogwai, also Mastodon, also Godflesh Fear and loathing of rom-coms Unstinting adoration of movies made from … Continue reading

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My exciting so-called life

This to-do list is mostly up here for my benefit… please feel free to ignore. Sunday finish Photoshop tutorial article Done! watch Packers defeat Giants in a thrilling, ultimately rewarding game which allows Eli Manning to retain his quarterbackial dignity … Continue reading

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In which I wax unpoetic about my favorite thing about America

So I got an e-mail from my favorite wacky local art-goodies store, Collage. And it announced that they are having a super! incredible! "shopping-mall-proportion!" sale in tandem with several other local indie stores. Awesome! Swell! Let me grab my wallet! … Continue reading

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I dood it

So I wrote this story a long time ago. And I wanted to send it out. And I even printed it and got it ready to send, and then I read it over again and discovered about sixty-eleven things wrong … Continue reading

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Science Friday: Babies having babies

Pity the hapless Tenontosaurus. A mild-mannered herbivorous dinosaur, it spent its days rummaging around for enough leafy food to sustain its two-ton bulk. But its life in the swampy lowlands of the early Cretaceous period was no walk in the … Continue reading

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Freakin’ brilliant

OK, so it doesn’t really hit its stride ’til a little ways in, but it’s short, so watch the whole thing anyway.

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This should horrify you.

Woo hoo! Homeschoolers for Huckabee! Er, wait a minute… Stolen, shamelessly, from Lynn. As is my comment on this sorry debacle: Awesome! So are we going to get to look forward to the Stone-Disobedient-Children amendment (I move we start with … Continue reading

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