I dood it

So I wrote this story a long time ago. And I wanted to send it out. And I even printed it and got it ready to send, and then I read it over again and discovered about sixty-eleven things wrong with it. But then work or the holidays or something happened, and I just never got around to fixing them.

Then I read it over again the other day and couldn’t remember what any of those sixty-eleven things were. So I printed the story out fresh & clean, wrestled my recalcitrant printer to the ground and forced it to produce a couple of legibly addressed envelopes, stuck a bunch of stamps on the finished product and took it out to the mailbox.

But the mail already came today, so now the envelope’s just sitting out there in the box and I could always go get it if I should feel the need to.

About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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6 Responses to I dood it

  1. Herm says:

    Walk it to the big blue box. Betcha there’s one within four blocks, and then it’ll be gone gone gone.

  2. Mimi says:

    Gone, gone, gone! Congratulations!

  3. Magpie Ima says:

    Can you just take it to the post office and then you can quit worrying and enjoy the feeling of having completed another step? Congratulations!

  4. mum says:

    Hooray, you! This is a huge step. And now we wait. . .

  5. Lori V. says:

    I agree… drop it in a blue box… don’t lose your nerve… gone, baby, gone! I could get Jim to run it to the blue box if you’re chicken, you know! 🙂

  6. Helena says:

    Ooh, exciting! Hooray!

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