My exciting so-called life

This to-do list is mostly up here for my benefit… please feel free to ignore.


  • finish Photoshop tutorial article Done!
  • watch Packers defeat Giants in a thrilling, ultimately rewarding game which allows Eli Manning to retain his quarterbackial dignity OK, we know how well that turned out. Nice do on the QBial dignity, though, Eli.
  • choose photos for travel photography article Done.
  • start writing travel photo article Done. Thoroughly outlined, and I could either work on the intro or go to bed. I think bed might win.


  • meet with designer to discuss my "business identity," ha ha ha Done! Apparently I need to have a business identity. I don’t even have a personal identity.
  • renew domain name registration Done.
  • write 3 more pages of comic script Notes made, not really written.
  • submit articles & illustrations for June/July issue: 2/3 done
  • schedule haircut for Wednesday Done. Well, I left a message for the flaky receptionist, anyway.
  • give boys week’s assignments for reading & math


  • finish travel photography article (2/3 done on Monday.)
  • revamp blogroll
  • work on hospice newsletter articles (haven’t gotten the notes I need to start yet)
  • convert newsletter to Word format (ugh)
  • send in hospice volunteer forms
  • go to boys’ first Campfire meeting Good fun! Saw Elizabeth! Met new fellow homeschooling mommies!
  • write 3 more pages of comic script
  • wash/dry/fold 2 loads of laundry Jim is going to do this, ’cause I seem overworked. Thanks, sweetie!
  • help Fisher outline report
  • go to library Done already
  • draft 5 article ideas to pitch
  • choose 1 idea to develop into pitch this week
  • date night! make nice dinner, drink quality bottle of wine [moved from Monday to Tuesday] Done. Hanger steak with a red pepper-goat cheese sauce, mashed potatoes and spinach salad. Mmmmm.
  • …but first, shop for makings of nice dinner [moved, yeah]


  • call in for weekly magazine meeting
  • finish hospice newsletter and submit
  • make tracking sheet for June/July issue
  • finalize planner design (currently trying to decide whether to bite the bullet and go with the fab but super-pricey Circa system or just keep muddling along with my disorganized Miquelrius notebook in which I love to write but which has degenerated into a hopeless morass of notes, shopping lists, to-do lists, comic script pages and the like)
  • open business bank account
  • get haircut
  • make sack lunches for Thursday classes
  • wash/dry/fold 2 loads of laundry
  • cancel Booksfree account (we live in a town with a real library! hooray!)
  • write pitch letter
  • write Web extension for photo column
  • help Fisher finish report
  • buy petroleum jelly for Rhys’ class project (papier-mache eggs!) Duly bought.


  • take boys to Village Home classes
  • revise current comic script
  • clean guest room
  • clean bathrooms
  • wash/dry/fold 2 loads of laundry
  • wash kitchen floor
  • revise pitch


  • send pitch letter
  • write 3 more pages of comic script
  • clean bedroom
  • vacuum house
  • do Weekly Review
  • greet the lovely Miss Zara on her arrival at our house
  • go out with Miss Zara and get a little crazy… woo-hoo!


  • hang out with Miss Zara all day, seeing the exciting sights of Portland
  • wash/fold/dry 2 loads of laundry

Bah, now I’m tired. Need to get started… maybe after just one more game of FreeCell…

About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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2 Responses to My exciting so-called life

  1. Stephanie T. says:

    Man…I’m fried just reading this…I need a nap!
    Molly…you GOTTA check out this gal. Shana is a good friend of mine (we met when our kids were in preschool, while commiserating over poopy diapers)…She’s got ‘book number one’ under her belt already!

  2. teacherninja says:

    Hope you went with the Circa. When I got on the GTD bandwagon last year, I kept fiddling and fiddling and trying new pens/notebooks/folders, etc. Until I got a Circa for my birthday and I’ve never looked back. I even sprung for the punch. But it’s a one-time expense, because then you can DIY your paper and print out your calendar from the computer and punch it and keep going, which ends up making it cheaper in the long run. Love it.

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