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Science Friday: Babies having babies

Pity the hapless Tenontosaurus. A mild-mannered herbivorous dinosaur, it spent its days rummaging around for enough leafy food to sustain its two-ton bulk. But its life in the swampy lowlands of the early Cretaceous period was no walk in the … Continue reading

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Freakin’ brilliant

OK, so it doesn’t really hit its stride ’til a little ways in, but it’s short, so watch the whole thing anyway.

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This should horrify you.

Woo hoo! Homeschoolers for Huckabee! Er, wait a minute… Stolen, shamelessly, from Lynn. As is my comment on this sorry debacle: Awesome! So are we going to get to look forward to the Stone-Disobedient-Children amendment (I move we start with … Continue reading

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Science Friday: physics in action

Ryan Leech rides his trials bike through the streets of Portland. Now how exactly does this work with all that conservation of energy stuff? ‘Cause it looks to me like he’s doing weird unnatural things with his momentum that violate … Continue reading

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Best. Worst. Is all same.

I got an e-mail this morning from our friend Trevor, announcing that he’d put up his Best Music of 2007 list on his MySpace page. Trevor, being a community radio/singer/drummer/all-around music geek type, usually has some worthwhile opinions to offer. … Continue reading

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The long, long, long, long and winding road

Well, it did at least eventually lead to our door. When last we met, our intrepid crew was holed up in the Redding Super 8, where one of the few comforts (almost making up for the nonfunctioning remote control, but … Continue reading

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Coming to you from the Super 8 Motel

…in beautiful (ahem) Redding, California. Two kids in the hizzouse; one playing with his Leapster, one looking over my shoulder and saying "In the hizzouse?" Three cats in the car. In the car. No pets in the Super 8, you … Continue reading

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