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You don’t even need to understand Spanish. Check out the judges’ responses… do you love it?

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Knit one, purl two, screw it

I am not a dextrous individual. If I were a Dungeons & Dragons character, my Dexterity would be like 7. (My Constitution would be like 5 and my Strength somewhere in the 6 region, so hey.) But regardless of the … Continue reading

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Maybe it’s because I said I eat a lot of beef?

How evil are you? Stolen, in my evil way, from azureavian. …sigh… Apparently, according to the authors of this quiz, fantasizing about philosophy is less evil than fantasizing about sex. So woud philosophizing about sex be more or less evil? … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day: The Sex Edition

Isn’t it lovely that there’s a day each year devoted to that most bubbly and unreliable of emotions, Romantic Love? Where would florists, Hallmark shops and retailers of novelty panties be without Valentine’s Day? But really, at the heart of … Continue reading

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Fight the power

I grew up learning to respect the police. Police officers were our friends; we waved to them from my mom’s VW Dasher; we knew we could turn to them in times of trouble. Sadly, there are those police officers who … Continue reading

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Unscientific Friday: Barbie Lugosi’s dead

OK, this has nothing to do with science. Because I haven’t finished started writing the Science Friday post yet. So have three videos, instead. Happy weekend! <a href="">Goth Barbie</a> on <a href=""></a> I remember making our own punk Barbies with … Continue reading

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Why Eli?

Lee asked, on the Super Bowl post: Can I ask, why your love of Eli Manning?  Not sure I caught that bit of info.  The Manning family is such strong supporters of President Bush and all… Hey, excellent question! And … Continue reading

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Go Giants!

Yeah, that’s pretty much all. Back from Las Vegas last night… still a little tired, a little perhaps hungoverish, but still looking forward to the game. May the gods of accuracy place their benediction on Eli’s throwing arm… and may … Continue reading

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