Maybe it’s because I said I eat a lot of beef?

How evil are you?

Stolen, in my evil way, from azureavian.

…sigh… Apparently, according to the authors of this quiz, fantasizing about philosophy is less evil than fantasizing about sex. So woud philosophizing about sex be more or less evil? And wasn’t that Augustine’s whole raison d’être?

At least now I can provide an objective answer to Diamond Head’s (and Metallica’s) question: Am I evil? Yes, I must wholeheartedly shout along with James Hetfield, yes, I fuckin’ am. (The addition of which two-syllable word completely elevates Metallica’s version of the song to another and far superior plane.)

In other news: seriously, at this point I could write a whole blog post about the blog posts I’ve started composing in my head over the last week and then abandoned. That’s what us evil folks do. Eeeee-vil.

In other other news: mmmm, beef.

About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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6 Responses to Maybe it’s because I said I eat a lot of beef?

  1. Magpie Ima says:

    Boy do I feel like a dork. I’m sure all the cool kids are evil because I am apparently angelic.

  2. DH says:

    So, I came up angelic…so I retook it. I am so pure EVIL!

  3. Lynn says:

    //In other other news: mmmm, beef//
    Just be glad you’re not “neutral,” like me. Ho-hum.

  4. Lori V. says:

    WTF… I was angelic? Yeah, okay, whatev. You keep thinking that, okay? It furthers my agenda.

  5. azureavian says:

    like i posted, the game is fixed. plus, i still totally hate Barney.

  6. pc smart says:

    ha! got you beat….i am “pure evil”….too funny…

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