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Spontaneous musical theater

This would almost be worth going to the food court for. Almost. I had to go to the Lloyd Center Mall the other day, accidentally took the escalator a floor higher than I meant to and was trapped for nearly … Continue reading

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When choosing between two possible courses of action, using a flowchart can help you clarify your thinking and foresee possible outcomes.

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‘k, that was totally whiny and obnoxious

…sorry about that. Please enjoy this video about a cat instead.

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Something’s got to give

(The Beastie Boys song, not the Jack Nicholson movie… or the Marilyn Monroe movie, for that matter.) I was thinking once again of my favorite Dream Deferred, that of becoming a real live official science writer. And it occurred to … Continue reading

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Recipe for disaster!

Well, not "disaster" per se.* More like the very tasty–and low-calorie–soup we had for dinner last night. It calls for a small amount of sausage (hee hee, I said "small amount of sausage") but that could easily be omitted, using … Continue reading

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I put a spell on you

\Noc`ti*lu"cous\, a. Shining in the night. Also, coincidentally, the word I had to pronounce, spell aloud, then pronounce again to win the weekly Portland Spelling Bee at Mississippi Pizza Pub. We weren’t even planning on going, but Elizabeth invited us … Continue reading

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Step off, Spielberg…

…and make room for the mad video skillz of Fred and Sharon. Now I want to have a birthday, anniversary, theater show or other special event just so I can get Fred and Sharon to show up and film it. … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, August James!

Happy birthday to you,Happy birthday to you.Happy birthday, dear Augie,Happy birthday to you!And many (many many many) moooooooooore….* Look, Augie! Auntie Molly knitted you a cupcake! Ha! It is to laugh! Those beads are far too tiny to be safe … Continue reading

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Whold Your Whorses

Most little girls have a moderate to serious obsession with horses. I, not being a Real Girl, never did. Well, I read Black Beauty and Misty of Chincoteague and a couple of the Black Stallion books, from whence I developed … Continue reading

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RIP, Dungeon Master

Gary Gygax, co-creator of the Dungeons & Dragons game system, has died at age 69. He has failed his saving throw; there was no 20th-level cleric around to resurrect him; he is even now journeying along the silver cord that … Continue reading

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