Something’s got to give

(The Beastie Boys song, not the Jack Nicholson movie… or the Marilyn Monroe movie, for that matter.)

I was thinking once again of my favorite Dream Deferred, that of becoming a real live official science writer. And it occurred to me that my alma mater, UC Santa Cruz (Banana Slugs! Represent!) is home to the best-known, most respected science communication graduate program in the country.

Little more research. Program’s only one year of full-time study, plus one three-month out-of-area internship. Hey, it would be tough, but it still sounds like I could maybe swing it. (A year of living in Santa Cruz again. Twist my freakin’ arm.)

Little more research. Uh-oh. Program requires a bachelor’s degree (at minimum) in a Real Science. Holders of made-up airy-fairy degrees in medieval studies and archaeology, of all the insane useless combinations, need not apply.

Hell. Shit.

So I decide to distract myself by paying a little attention to world events. (Note to self: it’s never a good idea to snap yourself out of a bad mood by paying attention to world events.) What’s this? Hillary Clinton has apparently decided it would be better for John McCain than Barack Obama to win the election and is flinging every chunk of poo she can at Obama in the hopes that something will stick? Despite my deep mistrust of all things corporate and Clintonian, I once respected Hillary, and have said ever since deciding (post-Edwards’ dropping out) that I would support whoever the Democratic nominee would be. (Of course. What the hell else am I going to do, vote for Grandpa "1000 Years" McBombIran?) But she is making it hard. Damn hard.

The boys, as I may have mentioned, have been in Colorado since last Wednesday and are coming back Friday. So I was going to writewritewrite while they were gone. Of course that didn’t happen. I’m a useless procrastinator. But yesterday it was finally happening. 850 words on a brand-new story (not a book, don’t worry… I’m still committed to The Book). Today I read it over in preparation for continuing. And it sucks. Sucks big donkey dong. Sucks like Hillary Clinton’s campaign team. Sucks like being out of wine, which mishap, fortunately, has not yet occurred at our house today.

Back to the news. Five years in Iraq. Four thousand US soldiers dead, plus an unfathomably higher number of Iraqi dead–for god’s sake, we can’t even seem to get an accurate count of how many people we’ve killed yet–and all we’ve gotten out of it is a smirk-faced VP responding, when asked what he feels about the war’s monstrous unpopularity among American citizens: "So?"

Screw it. Here’s a fun light-hearted video for you to enjoy: it’s somebody’s illustration of "Something’s Got to Give."

About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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5 Responses to Something’s got to give

  1. Mimi says:

    Go for it!
    A Geoduck. Almost like a Banana Slug. But on a half shell.

  2. Helena says:

    Banana slugs are awesome. So are geoducks.

  3. Amy Sorensen says:

    I’m sitting here trying to send out empathetic vibes through the PC. Not sure if it’s coming across, but I have to say, I SO feel the same way, especially about the going-back-to-school thing. And the writing thing. And I can’t stand H. C. I can’t stand any of the nominees, for that matter. Hell in a big ol’ hand basket, I tell you. Sigh.

  4. Freckle says:

    I’m still jealous that you got 10 days of kid freedom. Pulease!!!! 😉

  5. Elf says:

    Go Slugs! (Side note, I used to have a Banana Slug named “Bob” when I lived in Boulder Creek last. I had to be careful when I went out to the car because the little guy insisted on being right in front of my point of egress. It was good that he was outside because I normally blast through the door with cup-o-joe in hand but knowing he was outside made me stop, relax, and think before I got into the car and drove to SiliValley. So I’d carefully open the door, step over Bob as he wandered across the deck, and wander on my way. Sometimes a pause to think is a nice thing, every day. I think there’s a Kit-Kat commercial about it.)
    Now, ask yourself what you can do AND ABOUT WHAT can you effect? And will it get you put in prison or killed? Balance that against what you have to loose. Now have a glass of wine and get some anti-depressants and go from there.
    Well, that’s how I get through MY day. (It would be funny if it weren’t true, I suppose.)

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