Fisher and the Friendly Atheist

As part of one of Fisher's classes at Village Home–Terry Purcell's excellent Explorers class–he was required to research a belief system or worldview and give a presentation to his class on what he learned. And though we tried to hook him up with an Asatru group so that he could indulge his fascination with Viking paganism, the meeting was not to be. So he interviewed our friend Ute about atheism instead, and came up with some really awesome results.

This is the third presentation Fisher's given this year. Actually, it's the second. The first time, at the end of Village Home's fall term, he froze up and stood there and twirled his hair and couldn't say anything. The second time, he worked with two others in a group (they talked about Boys' Day and Girls' Day in Japan) and actually managed to get a few words out of his mouth, though he still twirled his hair and then backed up randomly and cracked his head against a shelf.

This time, though, made up for his previous two less-than-stellar experiences. His presentation (which, yeah, I helped him type and encouraged him to keep on task, but didn't write–he did it himself) went beautifully smoothly. It was funny; he spoke clearly and loudly enough so that we could hear him at the back of the room; he even made eye contact with the audience and modulated his voice rather than droning along in a monotone. And there was absolutely no reading of the PowerPoint slides involved!

Ute was there for the presentation, and she's already blogged about it… thank you so much, Ute!

In case you're interested, here's the slides and accompanying text for his presentation. I wish I had some video of it to share.


He's looking forward to giving his presentation again this afternoon–Eryn wants to hear it.

Congratulations, Buzz!

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4 Responses to Fisher and the Friendly Atheist

  1. Nicole says:

    That’s AWESOME!
    (how old is he?)
    Homeschool rocks. *sigh* I wish I could have had my poop together in time to do that with mine. (maybe the grandbabies someday…)
    Thanks for sharing this! =)

  2. Robyn says:

    What an awesome presentation! WTG Fisher!

  3. Lori V. says:

    Fisher, this is Super-dee-duper! (Don’t ask me why this is my second use of this phrase in 24 hours. I know not.) I love it!

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