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Meerkatrianity, redux

Hey, wanna read about meerkats? Come on, you know you do. Here's my article from the April/May 2008 world edition of National Wildlife. Alas, they didn't stick with my original title of "Meerkats: Small Bitey Things that Kill Each Other's … Continue reading

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It was another in a series of cold, grey, drizzlish days here in lovely Portland. And so I felt motivated to make some chicken, as I've been doing every couple of weeks now. Having diced, cooked chicken ready to go … Continue reading

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And the inexplicable posting frenzy continues… I've been trying to get ideas from the kids about what they would like to study "next year." (The importance of Village Home in our lives & schedules has kind of gotten us back … Continue reading

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The Michelle Obama “Whitey” tape

Finally released… I anticipate a lot of Obama voters rethinking their support of him after this.

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Not quite “very superior”

I saw this Marital Rating Scale written up on Kayla's blog, and then azureavian pointed out that it had been turned into a handy-dandy online test. Apparently, I am a "Superior" 1930s wife. 72 As a 1930s wife, I amSuperior … Continue reading

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What, now?

Even as a bleeding-hearted fuzzy-thinking liberal, I think this suggestion by John McCain may go above and beyond what we can realistically expect from the U.S. government: And what are the babies going to do with it once they get … Continue reading

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Fisher and the Friendly Atheist

As part of one of Fisher's classes at Village Home–Terry Purcell's excellent Explorers class–he was required to research a belief system or worldview and give a presentation to his class on what he learned. And though we tried to hook … Continue reading

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