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Because it’s been stuck in my head

For days. And days. And days. “Sabotage”: enjoy. Spike Jonze certainly doesn’t suck, doesn’t he? (Best part: “And Fred Kelly as Bunny.”)

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Reading / Rainbow

So after all that kerfuffle and rending of garments, guess who’s been reading like a crazy man for the last week or so? If you guessed “Rhys,” you would be correct. We’ve started just asking him to read us books … Continue reading

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Craft 3.0, and then I swear I’ll give it a rest

 So you know how good bloggers give away stuff every now and again? Well, because I’m cheap, broke and not a good blogger, I never have anything to give away. But this time is different! This time is special! Digital … Continue reading

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The wages of craft is cheese

So here’s the shirt I made for the spelling bee (which I did not win… I messed up on “alopecia,” which I know perfectly well how to spell IRL. Do you think it had something to do with the glass … Continue reading

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Craft on a craft cracker

So the bug of makingness has apparently bitten me, and things are being made as a result. Not useful things, such as houses or money; not lofty things, such as charitable donations or Life Goals. No; these are crafty things … Continue reading

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Goodbye, cruel Rainbow world

OK… so since two people asked to see my letter to Rainbow Resource Center telling them why I will no longer be a customer of theirs, I’m going to take that as a “post it, please.” Especially since I can’t … Continue reading

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‘Cos I need cheering up: a contentless post

Unless you count embedded content, that is! Ha-ha! (“Pronounced with an ‘umpty.’ “) Also, the creepiest video of all time: And one more funny one, because that was just downright scary. Summer… was that the one you had in mind? … Continue reading

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Well, now, this is kind of awesome

Via Brave Writer, I stumbled upon this site: One Word. When you press “go,” the site provides you with a single word. You have sixty seconds to write about that word. Wanna play? Wanna share? If you post your actual … Continue reading

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Conversations with the homeschooled

First of all: wow. I am overwhelmed. Seriously. Everyone who commented on my post about trying to encourage Rhys to read; everyone from the fabulous Orsig list who wended (?) his or her way over here to read more of … Continue reading

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Rhys, redux

OK. Just a couple quick anecdotes about this kid we call “Spicoli.” (Have I mentioned that before? I have a nagging feeling that I have. But since Typepad did this STUPID FREAKIN REDESIGN that REMOVED THE POST SEARCH FUNCTION, I … Continue reading

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