Because it’s been stuck in my head

For days. And days. And days.

“Sabotage”: enjoy.

Spike Jonze certainly doesn’t suck, doesn’t he?

(Best part: “And Fred Kelly as Bunny.”)


About Molly Newman

Writer, cook and trivia/spelling bee hostess, living it up in North Portland.
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3 Responses to Because it’s been stuck in my head

  1. Katherine says:

    Lucky you. I love that album. What has been stuck in my head today?

  2. Everyone’s asleep, so I can’t play the vid, but telling me about the weather in Portland? That’s just MEAN!!!
    I’m so glad to hear about Rhys. Anna is still bitching and moaning and acting as if we’re asking her to pick up every bit of dog shit in the yard when we ask her to read.
    But she can read Harry Potter fluently (for an eight year old) when I ask her to swap pages aloud with me.
    This is the universe playing dirty tricks on me, giving me a non-bookworm girl.

  3. Bewow chicky chicky, screeech screech!!!!
    ( tha’ts me sounding out my favorite part)

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