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We love Radiohead

…kind of a lot. Enough that we've started cultivating our own stable of Minotaurs. Don't worry, sweetie! The next one won't hurt nearly as much! See? By the time you get to the third, it's refreshingly old hat, and you … Continue reading

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Ya think?!

We have been weighed in the balance and found A-OK. In the mail today: The salient bit:   So apparently the State of Oregon will allow us to continue abusing our children for the next 24 months at least.

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The boys are back in town

And not a moment too soon. I was getting awful twitchy without them. Tonight we returned to our regular routine. Jeopardy!, Simpsons, dinner. Except usually I make dinner while they're watching Simpsons but tonight it was the one where the … Continue reading

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A question for the universe

So I've found that the best music for me to listen to when I'm writing is dramatic, symphonic, instrumental-type stuff. Kinda soundtracky, but not usually so heavily orchestrated, 'cause the Wall of Strings effect gives me hives. Stuff like Explosions … Continue reading

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Remember how ages and ages ago I pointed out how much Rhys looked like Beck? He still does. More so, even: For your reference: D'you think I should ask for child support?

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Pat Buchanan: “McCain will make Cheney look like Gandhi”

I hope this scares the crap out of you as much as it did me: Pass it on… please.

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Word up

Hey, look what I made: If you have a blog or anything else with an RSS feed, you can generate a "collage" of words found on that page at It's free and it's fun, and you can adjust the … Continue reading

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It’s oh so quiet

Tuesday afternoon, we packed up the giant orange suitcase and the two crammed-full-of-books backpacks and the large stuffed cheetah (Schwarz) and the small stuffed jaguar?/leopard? (D.C.) and the seven-year-old blond kid and the nine-year-old brunet kid into the Land Rover … Continue reading

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Mouths of babes

So at some point last week our nanny Eryn and her friends were messing about with a Ouija board, and I guess the boys were in the room when she was telling me about its mystical properties.* Just now: Rhys: … Continue reading

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Used meat

Times have been a wee bit tough at the old Pic-Dem homestead lately. Portland’s economy is as un-booming as anywhere else’s–paying gigs are few and far between. And Jim’s getting up to speed (and beyond!) at his day (er, night) … Continue reading

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