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It’s oh so quiet

Tuesday afternoon, we packed up the giant orange suitcase and the two crammed-full-of-books backpacks and the large stuffed cheetah (Schwarz) and the small stuffed jaguar?/leopard? (D.C.) and the seven-year-old blond kid and the nine-year-old brunet kid into the Land Rover … Continue reading

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Mouths of babes

So at some point last week our nanny Eryn and her friends were messing about with a Ouija board, and I guess the boys were in the room when she was telling me about its mystical properties.* Just now: Rhys: … Continue reading

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Used meat

Times have been a wee bit tough at the old Pic-Dem homestead lately. Portland’s economy is as un-booming as anywhere else’s–paying gigs are few and far between. And Jim’s getting up to speed (and beyond!) at his day (er, night) … Continue reading

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