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We are not a-Mused… or are we?

My office is a hellhole. It is ordinarily among the tidiest parts of the house, since I find it psychically crippling to try to work in disorder. But I was working like a crazy lady to get out ATCs for … Continue reading

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The scene: the checkout desk at our local library. It's two minutes 'til closing. We're the last people in line to get our books. We step up to the counter. There are two librarians working; one is Native American, one … Continue reading

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For da puppies

…and da kitties. The Humane Society has made its first-ever endorsement of a candidate in a presidential election. And the winner is… I admit it. I am only posting about this so I could include a picture of Obama holding … Continue reading

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Multiquest panmemetical personal disclosure polysyllabarium

Via Jennifer Lynn. I like this one 'cause you can replace questions as you see fit: A) People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs & replace any question that they dislike with a new question. … Continue reading

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Pin me up! Pin me down!

It all started with this darling (and downright modest!) swimsuit I've been coveting at Popina: And then there was this how-to hair video: 1940s Hair in Under 5 Minutes And this makeup video: Pin-Up Girl Makeup So I was telling … Continue reading

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Science Sunday: Bears… in… spaaaaaace!

Behold the humble tardigrade, or "water bear."   These tiny eight-legged invertebrates, measuring a millimeter in length at most, are found in damp environments around the world. They especially favor clumps of moss and lichen, the ground around the bottoms … Continue reading

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What’s really sad

is that I think I owned this first sweater, and quite possibly some of those white high-top Reeboks as well.

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So you guys already know I’m a little cuckoo…

(Shut up. I wasn't finished.) …about animals, and perhaps also a bit off-the-wall on the subject of Sarah Palin as well. So I felt it best to share this ad with you, launched this morning by Defenders of Wildlife. (Warning: … Continue reading

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That's pretty much it. The mere sight of my to-do list, plus the mere thought of the things I have to do but haven't added to the list, plus the shrieking of my beloved spawn ("He stood on my money!" … Continue reading

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(That's "It's OK If You're A Republican," if you didn't already know.) Damn. I have been wanting and wanting and wanting to write a nice snarky post on Sarah Palin. Originally to be titled "Sarah Freakin' Palin?!" But the bombshells … Continue reading

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