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So you guys already know I’m a little cuckoo…

(Shut up. I wasn't finished.) …about animals, and perhaps also a bit off-the-wall on the subject of Sarah Palin as well. So I felt it best to share this ad with you, launched this morning by Defenders of Wildlife. (Warning: … Continue reading

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That's pretty much it. The mere sight of my to-do list, plus the mere thought of the things I have to do but haven't added to the list, plus the shrieking of my beloved spawn ("He stood on my money!" … Continue reading

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(That's "It's OK If You're A Republican," if you didn't already know.) Damn. I have been wanting and wanting and wanting to write a nice snarky post on Sarah Palin. Originally to be titled "Sarah Freakin' Palin?!" But the bombshells … Continue reading

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