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Kitchen puttering and the gift of time

It's Saturday night on a holiday weekend. You have some potential upcoming projects brewing in the wings (how's that for a mixed metaphor?), but nothing super-urgent that needs to be handled RIGHT NOW. You have most of the leftovers of … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving: the aftermath

So you cook and you cook and you cook and you cook, and then you eat for like 15 minutes and 10 minutes of that is spent remonstrating with your children about their abysmal table manners (though, in their defense, … Continue reading

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For those about to shop…

I don't do Black Friday… never have, never will. Being that close to that many other people just weirds me out too much. Humanity blah! Get away from me with your overstuffed shopping cart! But if you're in the market … Continue reading

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For those who, like me, did not watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade…

Macy’s is apparently aware of all internet traditions. You’re welcome…

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If you don’t have something nice to say…

…don't say anything. (Or, as I imagine my Grammy might have said, "Come sit next to me.") Also, if all you're going to blog about is how you haven't been blogging… yeah, don't bother. Anyway: I am still unemployed, increasingly … Continue reading

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You can’t fight the beast

So we dumped cable over a year ago. Television had an uncomfortable hold on our lives, and we figured we'd save $80 a month, read more books and perhaps watch more quality film of the classic and/or independent & interesting … Continue reading

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Jingle brains

So Rachel found some swell Christmas ornamental type stuff which she is digging, and that sort of inspired me to go on a quest of my own, and one thing led to another, and I ended up Googling "zombie Christmas … Continue reading

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Tears of the Minotaur

Wouldn't that be a great, by which I mean awful, title for a fantasy novel? I think I'll write it, once I get done with the current (ha) one (ha ha). Which I did write almost 5000 words on yesterday, … Continue reading

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Obsessions old & new

Jim: having our friend Mike build him some frames so he can pull together a photo show (location TBD; anybody know a gallery owner?); his new basement photo studio (pics coming) Fisher: the Pour le Merit medal (coming his way … Continue reading

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Historically speaking, or my kids in a nutshell

So in the interests of attaining cultural literacy, the boys and I watched Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure tonight. Yes, possibly one of the stupidest movies of the '80s, but still fairly entertaining. Afterwards: Me (thinking this would be a … Continue reading

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