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Tears of the Minotaur

Wouldn't that be a great, by which I mean awful, title for a fantasy novel? I think I'll write it, once I get done with the current (ha) one (ha ha). Which I did write almost 5000 words on yesterday, … Continue reading

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Obsessions old & new

Jim: having our friend Mike build him some frames so he can pull together a photo show (location TBD; anybody know a gallery owner?); his new basement photo studio (pics coming) Fisher: the Pour le Merit medal (coming his way … Continue reading

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Historically speaking, or my kids in a nutshell

So in the interests of attaining cultural literacy, the boys and I watched Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure tonight. Yes, possibly one of the stupidest movies of the '80s, but still fairly entertaining. Afterwards: Me (thinking this would be a … Continue reading

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Nowell, Nowell

First things first: a very happy birthday to my belovedest brother! 28… man, that's getting up there. Second things second: at the suggestion of my genius sister, the Schardt/Newman clan is going Handmade for the Holidays. Yep, break out the … Continue reading

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Baby, baby

Got this quiz from my KAFM buddy Suzi Creme Cheeze and thought I'd pass it along, especially since I know there are some knocked-up ladies among the current readership. The idea is to answer these questions as they pertain to … Continue reading

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I am suspicious of people with great personal energy

Case in point: Yeah. Now off to not exercise.

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Business endeavor

…or something… is up and running. Tell your friends. (I am thinking that working on nice bright cheery holiday cards on these gray rainy days sounds quite pleasant, really.)

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