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So the boys and I were watching "Blackadder Goes Forth," which is of course set during WWI, and which you should absolutely see if you've not yet had the opportunity. Partial transcript from the episode "Goodbyeeee!": George: All right, so, … Continue reading

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…is another word for rice pilaf, which is one of the first things I can remember learning how to cook. Mom always made it in her big old flame orange Le Creuset French oven, which I always assumed was called … Continue reading

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True love waits, for at least another 13 years or so

Two young lovers, accompanied by the young lady's sister to serve as marriage witness, slipped aboard a train and tried to escape to Africa where they planned to wed. But their plans were foiled when they arrived at the train … Continue reading

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Where do YOU get the Wunder Boner?

"My wife would love the Wunder Boner!" (Bet she would.)

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Ukulele madness

For Jac, who has owned a ukulele for some time, and for Augie, who received one for Christmas: Is it just me, or is "ukulele" one of those words that looks misspelled no matter what you do to it?

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New year, new things, 701

Happy 2009, people! New things are afoot, including, quite possibly, a cooking/huswifery blog. If you would like to be involved as a co-/guest author or have a site you'd like me to add to that blogroll, please LMK soonest. OK, … Continue reading

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