True love waits, for at least another 13 years or so

Two young lovers, accompanied by the young lady's sister to serve as marriage witness, slipped aboard a train and tried to escape to Africa where they planned to wed. But their plans were foiled when they arrived at the train station and it was discovered they had neither passports nor money… and that the bride- and groom-to-be were five and six, respectively.

An early contender for Cutest News Story of 2009, as reported by BBC News


Two German children – aged five and six – have been
stopped by police from eloping to Africa to tie the knot in the sun,
reports say.

The budding lovebirds, identified as Mika and Anna-Lena, packed
bathing costumes, sunglasses and a lilo and headed for the airport.

They even had the presence of mind to invite along an official witness – Anna-Lena's seven-year-old sister.

The three got as far as Hanover railway station before police intervened.

The young couple were "very much in love" and had
decided to get married in Africa "where it is warm", police spokesman
Holger Jureczko told the AFP news agency.

Officers persuaded the children they would not get far without
tickets and money, but consoled them with a free tour of the police
station, where they were shortly picked up by relieved parents.

Although any marriage plans have been put on hold for now,
police did not altogether rule out the possibility of an African

"They can still put their plan into action at a later date," AFP quoted the spokesman as saying.

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1 Response to True love waits, for at least another 13 years or so

  1. molly says:

    I remember this as a perfect love story. They should get a little paper cerificate that allows them to kiss.

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