So the boys and I were watching "Blackadder Goes Forth," which is of course set during WWI, and which you should absolutely see if you've not yet had the opportunity.

Partial transcript from the episode "Goodbyeeee!":

George: All right, so, what do we do now?

Baldrick: Can I do my war poem?

Edmund: How hurt would you be if I gave the honest answer, which is "No, I'd rather
French-kiss a skunk"?

Baldrick: So would I, sir!

At which Rhys pipes up: "What's a French kiss?'

I am preparing an answer, when Fisher busts in for me, with an air of authority which is impossible to reproduce here:

"It's when you kiss someone on both cheeks."

Thank goodness for children who enjoy answering other children's questions.

(Wow. You can actually watch the whole episode in question here.)

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13 Responses to L’amour

  1. Rooster X says:

    That’s weird. We were just now watching an episode of Young Indiana Jones where he is in the trenches in WWI and happens to run into Robert Graves and Siegfried Sassoon and reads some of Sassoon’s war poetry which reminded me a of a fictional book about Sassoon I read a few years ago that I think I’ll re-read (Regeneration by Pat Barker), and of course anytime WWI comes up I’m also reminded of the last episode of Blackadder Goes Forth where they charge into battle. Freaky.
    Now I have to watch Blackadder again, it’s been too long. I still like the first season best.
    “Run away from the hills! Run away from the hills! If you see the hills, run the other way!”

  2. Technically correct Fisher! He’s a smarty….but just for laffs, what were YOU going to say?

  3. That’s right. That’s exactly what a French kiss is. And whoever thinks anything else, has a naughty mind. Yay for Fisher!

  4. Amy Sorensen says:

    That is so funny! I love it.

  5. Kellyh says:

    An Award Awaits You!
    Visit my blog for details!

  6. V says:

    It reminds me of the time my child picked a kidney bean out of the chili and said he hated these weird peas. The older child corrected him, “That’s a jelly bean.” Okay it was a kidney bean, but whatever. A french kiss by any name… you know it when you…know it. Love V

  7. Summer says:

    Where’d you go?

  8. eryn says:

    heyheyheyyyyyy. update your blog. :*(

  9. Anna Aspnes says:

    That show first aired when I was at school. God I miss the British sense of humour. Fond memories….

  10. Amy So says:

    Just letting you know: I miss your blog! And, every time I check it, I leave singing “Oh L’Amour” in my head.
    Erasure thanks you for keeping them remembered. Somewhere. 😉

  11. Molly… what’s up? No more blogging for you?

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