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Dribs, drabs and a little masala

What do you get when you have half a pound of pork, half a bell pepper, half a bag of frozen peas, and a whole bunch of rice noodles?

In this case, at least, what you get is curried noodle stir-fry. This recipe is 100% adaptable to whatever sort of veggies (bok choy! eggplant! green beans!) or protein (ground chicken! frozen/crumbled tofu!) you have on hand, and is also a fine way of getting rid of little tag-ends of sauces and other ingredients. The garlic, ginger, garam masala (or curry powder) and soy sauce are fairly critical; everything else is up for interpretation. Continue reading

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Gratin Expectations and a Bonus Salsa

Tomatillo salsa is incredibly versatile and easy to make. It’s great in (or on) enchiladas, drizzled over carnitas, or served in a big bowl all by itself. And when you’ve got plenty of salsa on hand, you can go ahead and turn it into something yummy like Summer Squash and Salsa Gratin. Continue reading

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Empty Fridge Dinner #1: Paprika Chicken

Armed with just a handful of stuff that’s always sitting around anyway, plus a pound of chicken thighs and half a cup of sour cream, I came up with this Paprika Chicken. Served with steamed brown rice (tip: cook it in chicken or vegetable broth to boost the flavor) and sauteed zucchini, it made a tasty and substantial dinner. Continue reading

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Nicoise-ish Salad with Chicken

This is a salad that even non-salad fans, like the 11-year-old, will eat and enjoy. He even pointed out to me that “Mama, I don’t usually really care for salads, but this one was really good. ‘Cause it has a lot of ingredients in it that aren’t lettuce.” Continue reading

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Hottest weekend of the year = Bai Galam salad

So I just finished importing a literal crap-ton (slightly less than a metric literal crap-ton) of recipe-related posts from my Old/Other Blog, and I noticed that most of the last few recipes were all about waah it was cold outside … Continue reading

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Pride and prepcooking

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman in possession of a fine stock of recipes and a healthy dollop of narcissism must be in want of a cooking blog. So: here we go.

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