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Mail art

It has been an exciting week here in the great state of Oregon, package-wise. Also for the arts, which is something I know Americans care about a lot here in America. (Yes, I watched the Biden-Palin debate last night. Why … Continue reading

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Word up

Hey, look what I made: If you have a blog or anything else with an RSS feed, you can generate a "collage" of words found on that page at It's free and it's fun, and you can adjust the … Continue reading

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Craft 3.0, and then I swear I’ll give it a rest

 So you know how good bloggers give away stuff every now and again? Well, because I’m cheap, broke and not a good blogger, I never have anything to give away. But this time is different! This time is special! Digital … Continue reading

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Craft on a craft cracker

So the bug of makingness has apparently bitten me, and things are being made as a result. Not useful things, such as houses or money; not lofty things, such as charitable donations or Life Goals. No; these are crafty things … Continue reading

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The Woods

A music video for a song by Polly Paulusma, stop-motion animated by Rima Staines. If you could put your own artistic stamp on a folk- or fairytale, which one would it be? Which versions of the old stories do you … Continue reading

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Happy Peepster

It just ain’t Easter without a box of Peeps. Inspired by the Washington Post’s Peeps Show diorama contest, Mom and I spent a giggly hour or so last night creating "The Last Peeper." Yep, that’s a stack of shiny quarters … Continue reading

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There seems to be a phenomenon common to enthusiasts of every stripe who get involved in their chosen avocation on a more-than-hobbyist level. They start writing about it for magazines, blogging about it on a blog that then gets Noticed, … Continue reading

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