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Military precision

As every soldier knows, calisthenics are a critical part of building both physical strength and mental focus. Who can imagine basic training without pushups, "burpies" and the rest of the typical regimen? And as part of our mission to ready … Continue reading

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Jumping on the gun bandwagon

So Doc, Chris and Daryl have already weighed in on this one; even the NYT’s The Lede has chimed in. From AP: A troubled teenager accused of plotting a school attack built up a stash of weapons with the help … Continue reading

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Short, sweet, sad

I can’t get this story from the NYT out of my head. Even now, at 81 and with her memory beginning to fade, Gloria Donadello recalls her painful brush with bigotry at an assisted-living center in Santa Fe, N.M. Sitting … Continue reading

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Karl Rove, we hardly knew ye

…but as little as it was, it was still better than we’d have liked. So Turd Blossom is leaving the White House. Huh. I’d feel better about this news if I didn’t have a sneaking feeling he’s off to concentrate … Continue reading

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Walking with dinosaurs, and eating salad with them too

Hello and welcome to my humble entry to the "Creation Museum" carnival, celebrating the opening of Ken Ham‘s lifework: a 60,000 square foot, $27 million complex designed by Paul Mitchell, architect of such other counterfactual whizbangs as the "Jaws" and … Continue reading

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Alberto Gonzales has a blog

to make up, perhaps, for his rapidly dwindling posse. Not quite as snarkalicious yet as the infamous Harriet Miers blog, but Gonzo Al’s Blog is off to a good start.

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Elizabeth Edwards and her husband John

Yes, it’s entirely too early for all this 2008 hat-in-the-ring presidential happy crappy. And this is really not a political blog. (Stop snickering.) But I really like John Edwards–a dedicated family man with true populist values who is willing to … Continue reading

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