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True love waits, for at least another 13 years or so

Two young lovers, accompanied by the young lady's sister to serve as marriage witness, slipped aboard a train and tried to escape to Africa where they planned to wed. But their plans were foiled when they arrived at the train … Continue reading

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Jingle brains

So Rachel found some swell Christmas ornamental type stuff which she is digging, and that sort of inspired me to go on a quest of my own, and one thing led to another, and I ended up Googling "zombie Christmas … Continue reading

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An unexpected obstacle

So I want to design cute holiday cards for other people and maybe make it so we can have a wee bit of a Christmas this year. But in order to do so, I need some good sample photos. And … Continue reading

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If only more fantasy writers would hew to this simple rule…

Alas, it's both funny and sad because it's true. BTW, neither The Book (the one that's been kicking around forever) nor The New Story (the one for which I wrote a whole 'nother page of notes today) has any made-up … Continue reading

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Pin me up! Pin me down!

It all started with this darling (and downright modest!) swimsuit I've been coveting at Popina: And then there was this how-to hair video: 1940s Hair in Under 5 Minutes And this makeup video: Pin-Up Girl Makeup So I was telling … Continue reading

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What’s really sad

is that I think I owned this first sweater, and quite possibly some of those white high-top Reeboks as well.

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Remember how ages and ages ago I pointed out how much Rhys looked like Beck? He still does. More so, even: For your reference: D'you think I should ask for child support?

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Mouths of babes

So at some point last week our nanny Eryn and her friends were messing about with a Ouija board, and I guess the boys were in the room when she was telling me about its mystical properties.* Just now: Rhys: … Continue reading

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Rhys, redux

OK. Just a couple quick anecdotes about this kid we call “Spicoli.” (Have I mentioned that before? I have a nagging feeling that I have. But since Typepad did this STUPID FREAKIN REDESIGN that REMOVED THE POST SEARCH FUNCTION, I … Continue reading

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Ah, innocence

Fisher: "I think they should change the name of bushtits to something else." Me (sort of inclined to agree, because the current nomenclature makes it hard to go on a bird walk without snickering): "What should they change it to, … Continue reading

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