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My deepest apologies

…to those of you who may have come here as the result of a Google search. Because you are almost assuredly not going to find the information you are looking for, because this blog is guaranteed 100% Useful Information-Free. For … Continue reading

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From the “Unclear on the Concept” file

Taken from the e-mail header of a particularly unfortunate piece of spam I just deleted: "The sexist singles want to meet you!" And this is supposed to tantalize me how?

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Robotic salvation mechanism to change function

So the search for good old-fashioned army men, the kind that are about 2" high and extremely fun to pelt with dirt clods or blow up with firecrackers*, led Fisher, Rhys and me to Big Lots. To those of you … Continue reading

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Slayer on a Sunday morning

Televangelist Benny Hinn mows down the faithful with his Holy Ghost machine gun. That’ll get your blood moving! There’s also a version of some of the same footage set to "Yakety Sax," the Benny Hill theme. Funnier, perhaps, but not … Continue reading

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