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A cat-related public service announcement

Possibly the greatest aww-factor of anything I’ve seen in the last few months. My parents’ cat Cymru (she was actually technically supposed to be my cat, but you know how that goes) displayed somewhat similar symptoms… and she was, as … Continue reading

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No, kitty, it’s a bad kitty!

This is the wee fluff-chunk that has become simultaneously the light of our lives and the bane of our existences. That’s Mean Jean Grey Thunderbird, captured during a rare moment of quiescence. Isn’t she cute? Can’t you just tell she’s … Continue reading

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A bad kitty

showed up at our house about two weeks ago. We’re not sure where she came from… we just went by the Humane Society one day, and next thing we knew, there she was, hanging out in our living room. Four … Continue reading

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i can has lolcatz?

Inspired by Laelaps… my entree into the exciting new world of science-based cat macros. (Yes, that’s Her Royal Highnessness, Princess Ella von Fluffenstein. )

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Meow, kitty

What did I do today? I wrote one (1) 1200-word article for Scrapbook Retailer. I wrote one (1) 460-word article for SS. And I created this dazzlingly beautiful Photoshop brush of my cat: Really, it was work-related. It had to … Continue reading

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