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So the boys and I were watching "Blackadder Goes Forth," which is of course set during WWI, and which you should absolutely see if you've not yet had the opportunity. Partial transcript from the episode "Goodbyeeee!": George: All right, so, … Continue reading

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A star is born, kinda

Well, crap on a crap cracker. I could swear I blogged about this back when I first happened, but I've spent the last ten minutes searching back through old posts and I can't find anything about it. Apparently I was … Continue reading

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Remember how ages and ages ago I pointed out how much Rhys looked like Beck? He still does. More so, even: For your reference: D'you think I should ask for child support?

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Mouths of babes

So at some point last week our nanny Eryn and her friends were messing about with a Ouija board, and I guess the boys were in the room when she was telling me about its mystical properties.* Just now: Rhys: … Continue reading

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Craft on a craft cracker

So the bug of makingness has apparently bitten me, and things are being made as a result. Not useful things, such as houses or money; not lofty things, such as charitable donations or Life Goals. No; these are crafty things … Continue reading

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Conversations with the homeschooled

First of all: wow. I am overwhelmed. Seriously. Everyone who commented on my post about trying to encourage Rhys to read; everyone from the fabulous Orsig list who wended (?) his or her way over here to read more of … Continue reading

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Rhys, redux

OK. Just a couple quick anecdotes about this kid we call “Spicoli.” (Have I mentioned that before? I have a nagging feeling that I have. But since Typepad did this STUPID FREAKIN REDESIGN that REMOVED THE POST SEARCH FUNCTION, I … Continue reading

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Ah, innocence

Fisher: "I think they should change the name of bushtits to something else." Me (sort of inclined to agree, because the current nomenclature makes it hard to go on a bird walk without snickering): "What should they change it to, … Continue reading

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We've been a wee bit obsessed with all things winged here at the Jedi Temple Academy. The boys' fascination with World War I aircraft continues apace. Rhys is in D.C. with Grammy and whiled away several hours looking at the … Continue reading

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Fisher and the Friendly Atheist

As part of one of Fisher's classes at Village Home–Terry Purcell's excellent Explorers class–he was required to research a belief system or worldview and give a presentation to his class on what he learned. And though we tried to hook … Continue reading

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