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Ceci n’est pas une homeschooler

Funny thing, this. It's 11:13 on a Monday morning. My kids are running around in their pajamas (actually, their t-shirts and boxers). They slept in partly because we stayed up late last night watching science experiments on YouTube and the … Continue reading

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Tears of the Minotaur

Wouldn't that be a great, by which I mean awful, title for a fantasy novel? I think I'll write it, once I get done with the current (ha) one (ha ha). Which I did write almost 5000 words on yesterday, … Continue reading

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In which waah waah waaaahh

My tooth hurts. It's been hurting on and off for a couple of months. It's one of the molars in my upper right maxilla. Probably the one the dentist told me was going to need a root canal sooner or … Continue reading

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That's pretty much it. The mere sight of my to-do list, plus the mere thought of the things I have to do but haven't added to the list, plus the shrieking of my beloved spawn ("He stood on my money!" … Continue reading

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(That's "It's OK If You're A Republican," if you didn't already know.) Damn. I have been wanting and wanting and wanting to write a nice snarky post on Sarah Palin. Originally to be titled "Sarah Freakin' Palin?!" But the bombshells … Continue reading

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Are we having fun yet?

Doesn’t look like it, does it? In fact, it sort of looks like these folks (three of whom are apparently members of the Matching Douchebag Hat Society) are in line at the low-income medical clinic waiting to get their gonorrhea … Continue reading

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The end of the Rainbow

Didn't we go through this last year? (Yes. Yes, we did.) Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, or the swifts returning to Chapman Elementary School… the arrival of the gi-freakin-gantic Rainbow Resource catalog each year heralds a change of season, … Continue reading

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Why we homeschool, iteration 3725

Because my children will never be asked to stand up and describe what they don't like about a person, then participate in a vote on whether or not that person should be allowed to remain in the classroom. A teacher … Continue reading

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I just don’t have it in me…

…to argue. …to stand up for myself. …to risk rejection. …to be honest. …to hope. …to try. EPIC FAIL. Better luck next week… </self-involved whining>

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No man is an island, I mean, seriously

Homeschoolers, surprisingly, are a fractious bunch. On your one hand, you’ve got the biblical-creation, God-hates-gays, keepers-at-home religious crew. And on your other hand, you’ve got your free-to-be-you-and-me, crunchy-granola, curriculum-is-for-the-weak nonreligious crew. And on your other other hand, you’ve got the … Continue reading

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