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Why we homeschool, iteration 3725

Because my children will never be asked to stand up and describe what they don't like about a person, then participate in a vote on whether or not that person should be allowed to remain in the classroom. A teacher … Continue reading

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I just don’t have it in me…

…to argue. …to stand up for myself. …to risk rejection. …to be honest. …to hope. …to try. EPIC FAIL. Better luck next week… </self-involved whining>

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No man is an island, I mean, seriously

Homeschoolers, surprisingly, are a fractious bunch. On your one hand, you’ve got the biblical-creation, God-hates-gays, keepers-at-home religious crew. And on your other hand, you’ve got your free-to-be-you-and-me, crunchy-granola, curriculum-is-for-the-weak nonreligious crew. And on your other other hand, you’ve got the … Continue reading

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Something’s got to give

(The Beastie Boys song, not the Jack Nicholson movie… or the Marilyn Monroe movie, for that matter.) I was thinking once again of my favorite Dream Deferred, that of becoming a real live official science writer. And it occurred to … Continue reading

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Whold Your Whorses

Most little girls have a moderate to serious obsession with horses. I, not being a Real Girl, never did. Well, I read Black Beauty and Misty of Chincoteague and a couple of the Black Stallion books, from whence I developed … Continue reading

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Best. Worst. Is all same.

I got an e-mail this morning from our friend Trevor, announcing that he’d put up his Best Music of 2007 list on his MySpace page. Trevor, being a community radio/singer/drummer/all-around music geek type, usually has some worthwhile opinions to offer. … Continue reading

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Dreams, homeschooling and snarliness

After having a heck of a time falling asleep last night, I was awakened at roughly 4:17 a.m. with an elbow to the eye socket. Jim didn’t mean to do it, and the eye didn’t blacken. (Good thing, because we’re … Continue reading

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