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Bam! …a shoe! Bam! …another shoe!

Puppy-lover for President! Yeaahhhh! Jubilation, etc. And here's the only other "Obama" pic I currently have hanging around: Jean has been making Obama face all morning to signify her pleasure with the election results. Also, she came upstairs and tucked … Continue reading

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Shoes droppin’ everywhere

Big one prepping to drop tomorrow. Big one besides the Ba-Racking of the vote, that is. But in the meantime: an a capella tribute to John Williams, courtesy of COD.

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Coincidence? You decide.

I was just thinking about Mike Gravel–my first candidate of choice for the Democratic nomination–this morning. And then John Cole at Balloon Juice reposted this video today, which truly brings the crazy: So I think the certifiably insane probably couldn't … Continue reading

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Song for Sarah

Russian love is a rare and passionate thing.

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For da puppies

…and da kitties. The Humane Society has made its first-ever endorsement of a candidate in a presidential election. And the winner is… I admit it. I am only posting about this so I could include a picture of Obama holding … Continue reading

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So you guys already know I’m a little cuckoo…

(Shut up. I wasn't finished.) …about animals, and perhaps also a bit off-the-wall on the subject of Sarah Palin as well. So I felt it best to share this ad with you, launched this morning by Defenders of Wildlife. (Warning: … Continue reading

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(That's "It's OK If You're A Republican," if you didn't already know.) Damn. I have been wanting and wanting and wanting to write a nice snarky post on Sarah Palin. Originally to be titled "Sarah Freakin' Palin?!" But the bombshells … Continue reading

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30 seconds of your time

Hello! Nice to see you, fellow elevator-rider. Floor 13, please. Wow, we really ought to be taking the stairs, oughtn't we? Looks like neither of us has missed a meal lately, heh heh. Well, since we've got nothing else to … Continue reading

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The Michelle Obama “Whitey” tape

Finally released… I anticipate a lot of Obama voters rethinking their support of him after this.

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What, now?

Even as a bleeding-hearted fuzzy-thinking liberal, I think this suggestion by John McCain may go above and beyond what we can realistically expect from the U.S. government: And what are the babies going to do with it once they get … Continue reading

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