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Science Friday: chunks of knowledge

On the sheer adorability front: Meet El Conquistador, a Brazilian ocelot kitten born at the St. Louis Louisville–sorry! Zoo. He got his name when he began exploring his environment–at two days old, before his eyes were even open–and managed to … Continue reading

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I can has coconutz?

So John Scalzi went to the Creation Museum, took a bunch of photos, and is now inviting people to LOLcatsify them. Here’s mine, though I don’t think I’m going to submit it. Really, everyone else’s are well worth checking out. … Continue reading

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"Party People": Parliament’s most boringest song. (Which is kind of like saying that you went to Rick James’ most mellowest party, but hey, whatev.) Speaking of parties: nobody threw one like the Hellenistic Alexandrians, apparently. During a giant civic procession … Continue reading

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Doris Lessing: best response ever

Is that not exactly the perfect response to discovering one has won the Nobel Prize for Literature? This was a bookatarian weekend, since we had houseguests who love and appreciate the Powell’s phenomenon. We went to the Burnside store on … Continue reading

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Science Friday: not dead yet

OK, OK, so there’s only ever been one other Science Friday on this blog, and the others have kinda sorta failed to materialize. But the angels of Serendip have conspired (wow, how unscientific is that?) to bring several interesting sciencey-type … Continue reading

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In which I get my first creationist

Webster takes exception to my post on the Creation Museum. Anybody else want to play?

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i can has lolcatz?

Inspired by Laelaps… my entree into the exciting new world of science-based cat macros. (Yes, that’s Her Royal Highnessness, Princess Ella von Fluffenstein. )

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