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Business endeavor

…or something… is up and running. Tell your friends. (I am thinking that working on nice bright cheery holiday cards on these gray rainy days sounds quite pleasant, really.)

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Bam! …a shoe! Bam! …another shoe!

Puppy-lover for President! Yeaahhhh! Jubilation, etc. And here's the only other "Obama" pic I currently have hanging around: Jean has been making Obama face all morning to signify her pleasure with the election results. Also, she came upstairs and tucked … Continue reading

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Shoes droppin’ everywhere

Big one prepping to drop tomorrow. Big one besides the Ba-Racking of the vote, that is. But in the meantime: an a capella tribute to John Williams, courtesy of COD.

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Mo toof

Back from the dentist with a mouthful of delicious amalgam. This is a temporary filling, and we're going to see if that solves the problem. If it does–hooray! End of story. If it doesn't–alas! A root canal will hover in … Continue reading

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November Rain

It's a cold, drizzly day here in Paradise City.* Yesterday was, too, and so I decided to make some bean soup. And because I was feeling unaccountably ambitious (and thrifty!), I decided to start with dried beans rather than the … Continue reading

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Off to the dentist at 9:40 tomorrow morning. Which is, generally speaking, waaay too freakin early to be up and about doing anything. I hope I can get an appointment to get things actually fixed in the next week or … Continue reading

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Cheapskates, cheap thrills, and cheap eats

How to save money: 1. Don't turn on the heater until November. Can you make it? Sure! Just buy everyone in the family a suit of long underwear and button up. Make your shivering a point of pride. (And don't … Continue reading

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