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Ghostly tales

In honor of Halloween and the nightmares (mostly election-related) that have been haunting me of late… here are the ghost stories (both "ghost" and "stories" should probably be in separate sets of quotes) I wrote when Suzy and I went … Continue reading

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Off to the dentist at 9:40 tomorrow morning. Which is, generally speaking, waaay too freakin early to be up and about doing anything. I hope I can get an appointment to get things actually fixed in the next week or … Continue reading

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The boys just left, roughly 6 minutes ago, for a Campfire gathering in the wilds of Camp Namanu this weekend. It's drizzly, but not cold, so I expect they'll have a fine time. Mud is less than daunting to a … Continue reading

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If only more fantasy writers would hew to this simple rule…

Alas, it's both funny and sad because it's true. BTW, neither The Book (the one that's been kicking around forever) nor The New Story (the one for which I wrote a whole 'nother page of notes today) has any made-up … Continue reading

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We are not a-Mused… or are we?

My office is a hellhole. It is ordinarily among the tidiest parts of the house, since I find it psychically crippling to try to work in disorder. But I was working like a crazy lady to get out ATCs for … Continue reading

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Well, now, this is kind of awesome

Via Brave Writer, I stumbled upon this site: One Word. When you press “go,” the site provides you with a single word. You have sixty seconds to write about that word. Wanna play? Wanna share? If you post your actual … Continue reading

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Not a thousand, but better than zero. (That’s words written today on The Book, in case you were wondering.) And I also discovered that there is no magic in this world–none that really works, anyway–and that my main character is … Continue reading

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