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Where do YOU get the Wunder Boner?

"My wife would love the Wunder Boner!" (Bet she would.)

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Ukulele madness

For Jac, who has owned a ukulele for some time, and for Augie, who received one for Christmas: Is it just me, or is "ukulele" one of those words that looks misspelled no matter what you do to it?

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Celine Dion is amazing

You know it's true, haters. (Terry.)

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For those who, like me, did not watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade…

Macy’s is apparently aware of all internet traditions. You’re welcome…

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I am suspicious of people with great personal energy

Case in point: Yeah. Now off to not exercise.

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Shoes droppin’ everywhere

Big one prepping to drop tomorrow. Big one besides the Ba-Racking of the vote, that is. But in the meantime: an a capella tribute to John Williams, courtesy of COD.

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Tim Curry says…

…Happy Halloween, bwitches! Now back to wrapping & pinning Rhys into his toga. Just call him Little Caesar. ("Pizza, pizza.")

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