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Coincidence? You decide.

I was just thinking about Mike Gravel–my first candidate of choice for the Democratic nomination–this morning. And then John Cole at Balloon Juice reposted this video today, which truly brings the crazy: So I think the certifiably insane probably couldn't … Continue reading

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Song for Sarah

Russian love is a rare and passionate thing.

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Happy, sad, self-doubt and the transformative power of music

So I’m sitting here making a playlist. The 75-minute limit that the CD format imposes forces one to make choices: thematic, lyrical, genre-iffic choices (“Genriffic” looked too much like some lame youth get-out-the-vote slogan. “Make Your Voice Heard! You’re GenRiffic!” … Continue reading

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‘cos I know you guys love Star Wars…

You’re very welcome.

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Multiquest panmemetical personal disclosure polysyllabarium

Via Jennifer Lynn. I like this one 'cause you can replace questions as you see fit: A) People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs & replace any question that they dislike with a new question. … Continue reading

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Science Sunday: Bears… in… spaaaaaace!

Behold the humble tardigrade, or "water bear."   These tiny eight-legged invertebrates, measuring a millimeter in length at most, are found in damp environments around the world. They especially favor clumps of moss and lichen, the ground around the bottoms … Continue reading

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What’s really sad

is that I think I owned this first sweater, and quite possibly some of those white high-top Reeboks as well.

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