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Moroccan Harira

Harira, also known as "the national soup of Morocco," is apparently what you eat at the end of a long exhausting cranky day of fasting during Ramadan. It restoreth your strength and giveth you the strength also to wake up … Continue reading

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81. Project Broth: Moroccan Lamb & Vegetable Soup

There's nothing like a houseguest who descends upon your home, cooler in tow, and announces she is going to make soup for you because she has to make soup. No nevermind to your carefully planned menu. No accounting for taste. … Continue reading

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58. Great soup, or THE GREATEST soup? Chicken-Tomatillo Soup

"Great" vs. "greatest" can be debated, but what's not debatable is that my family completely devoured a good-sized pot of this soup. Not even any leftovers for today's lunch. And it's unanimous that this was one of the best so … Continue reading

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