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High on a mountaintop

So since we live in Colorado (not Texas… sorry for any earlier confusion) and Colorado’s popular attractions include mountains (along with elk, sucky MLB teams and Springs-based fundie groups)…. we spent yesterday driving around some of the more entertaining passes, … Continue reading

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Little punk

There comes a time in every young man’s life when he is overwhelmed by the urge to cultivate an EXTREME(tm?) hairstyle. Be it powdered periwig, rancid hippie dreads or peroxide-tipped surfer spikes, he must needs express himself by means of … Continue reading

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iGot an iPod

My birthday was the day I turned thirty. My birthday was the last day of spring. My birthday was celebrated with carne asada (or "ranchera preparada," as our carneceria calls it). But the important thing about my birthday was that … Continue reading

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birpy frickin’ hathday

It is done. I am thirty (30). Trente. Halfway to sixty, third of the way to ninety. The pic above is from the stroke of midnight last night at Boulder’s venerable Sundown Saloon. Also known as the "Scumdown", the "Downer" … Continue reading

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I took the new author photo last night at the Alehouse. Good jolly fun. And here’s one more I took that I rully like:

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Hello, kitty!

What’s new, pussycat? Whoa-oh-oh! Kitty checks out the menu. Today’s special: house finch with a light magpie sauce. And I can’t believe I’m posting this, but… …this is the boys’ room. Now I feel like I should post pics of … Continue reading

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Mmmm, the colors, the pretty colors

So in the unending quest to keep abreast (hee hee, I said "breast") of new technology, I decided it was high time I ripped my CDs to MP3s. This quest sent me on a perilous journey around and other … Continue reading

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Jesus H. Christ on a jumped-up chariot disco ball…

I have got to get the hell out of this town. This state, this time zone. I was just glancing over the post I just did and noticed a glaring, hideous, egregious, garbage blanc grammatical error. (No, I’m not going … Continue reading

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‘n’ a good time was had by all…

Highlights of the MOPS retreat this weekend: Drinking at the bar at the Bayou in Glenwood Springs with two fellow MOPSters (and apparently earning the forever enmity of those staunch non-drinkers in the group… phooey). We had a nice conversation … Continue reading

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Melty brain

It’s Thursday. This is what I have to get done by Monday: Go through well over 1000 reader submissions for Digital Scrapbooking 4. Sort them into "yes," "no" and "maybe" folders. Compare my list with my managing editor’s to see … Continue reading

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