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Science Sunday: Bears… in… spaaaaaace!

Behold the humble tardigrade, or "water bear."   These tiny eight-legged invertebrates, measuring a millimeter in length at most, are found in damp environments around the world. They especially favor clumps of moss and lichen, the ground around the bottoms … Continue reading

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We've been a wee bit obsessed with all things winged here at the Jedi Temple Academy. The boys' fascination with World War I aircraft continues apace. Rhys is in D.C. with Grammy and whiled away several hours looking at the … Continue reading

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Meerkatrianity, redux

Hey, wanna read about meerkats? Come on, you know you do. Here's my article from the April/May 2008 world edition of National Wildlife. Alas, they didn't stick with my original title of "Meerkats: Small Bitey Things that Kill Each Other's … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day: The Sex Edition

Isn’t it lovely that there’s a day each year devoted to that most bubbly and unreliable of emotions, Romantic Love? Where would florists, Hallmark shops and retailers of novelty panties be without Valentine’s Day? But really, at the heart of … Continue reading

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Unscientific Friday: Barbie Lugosi’s dead

OK, this has nothing to do with science. Because I haven’t finished started writing the Science Friday post yet. So have three videos, instead. Happy weekend! <a href="">Goth Barbie</a> on <a href=""></a> I remember making our own punk Barbies with … Continue reading

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Science Friday: physics in action

Ryan Leech rides his trials bike through the streets of Portland. Now how exactly does this work with all that conservation of energy stuff? ‘Cause it looks to me like he’s doing weird unnatural things with his momentum that violate … Continue reading

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Congratulations to Fish Girl and the Consumption Crew!

The winners of the annual Siemens Competition in Math, Science and Technology were announced yesterday. Taking home the top prizes of $100K scholarships, for the first time ever in both the individual and group categories, were… a bunch of GIRLS. … Continue reading

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