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If you live in Portland, or have, or know someone who does…

…where should we go for our anniversary a week from tomorrow? The boys will be in California with Grammy and Pa, so Jim and I will be going solo. We’re looking for somewhere with absolutely delicious food, possibly "Northwest" (hey, … Continue reading

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Science Friday: Can you dig it?

So this is something that I’m trying out and may or may not maintain for the long haul. Welcome to the first-ever Science Friday at the Picayune-Democrat. My goal here is to highlight science news, blogs and commentary which might … Continue reading

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In which I get my first creationist

Webster takes exception to my post on the Creation Museum. Anybody else want to play?

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Think, think, think*

Well, third time’s the charm. I’ve been tagged as a "Thinking Blogger" three times now, by Mimi, Lori and Brian… so I figured it’s time to quit being such a party-pooper and join in on the high-quality brainiac lovefest. A … Continue reading

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Another excellent reason to homeschool your kids

Because according to the all-wise and all-powerful Supreme Court, public school students do not have the same First Amendment rights as adults. Even when they’re not on school grounds. (I just finished the revised edition of John Holt’s Teach Your … Continue reading

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Hell’s bells.

What the heck is a printing press doing suddenly jumping into the middle of my story? And how did it go from a casual worldbuildingish musing ("hey, in my world they have mass literacy! And everyone reads a newspaper!") to … Continue reading

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So I have been tagged twice for the circulating hip’n’now "eight random things" meme, and it goes a little some’n like this: 1. Players start with 8 random facts about themselves. 2. Those who are tagged should post these rules … Continue reading

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Sticker shock

I have a post a-brewing about our family’s trip downtown to the Pride parade and celebration yesterday, but it’s going to have to wait until I get the digital camera, its memory card, the card reader, Photoshop Elements and my … Continue reading

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Chemistry, very quickly

So one of the barriers to doing science lab work in a homeschool setting is the difficulty of getting real chemistry equipment. Today’s chemistry sets are hopelessly dumbed down from their predecessors of yesteryear, more likely to contain borax and … Continue reading

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On rain, and under it

So when we announced to people that we were moving here, we got one of two responses: "Awesome! Portland is such a great city. There’s so much going on there. I know you’ll love it." or "Rains a lot there." … Continue reading

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