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Baby, baby

Got this quiz from my KAFM buddy Suzi Creme Cheeze and thought I'd pass it along, especially since I know there are some knocked-up ladies among the current readership. The idea is to answer these questions as they pertain to … Continue reading

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Multiquest panmemetical personal disclosure polysyllabarium

Via Jennifer Lynn. I like this one 'cause you can replace questions as you see fit: A) People who have been tagged must write their answers on their blogs & replace any question that they dislike with a new question. … Continue reading

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Fritter fritter

Naturally, with such a lofty set of goals at hand, I’ve been ISO some high-quality forms of time-wasting. And since it’s a holiday weekend, no one is around to play Scrabulous with me… and since rain is threatening, I can’t … Continue reading

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Attack of the killer meme

Via the lovely and talented Miss Lori at Do You Realize?? …I've seen this meme in a couple other places but not played yet. So tally-ho, yo, here we go. What was I doing ten years ago?Oh-ho, this is a … Continue reading

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