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Winter wonderland

Look: snow! Strolling down Alberta Street in a mini-blizzard. We're smiling because we love snow. The ice storm left a beautiful glaze all over the tree in front of our house. The gate into Portland's Chinatown. Notice car-shaped snow blob. … Continue reading

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Jim: "You haven't posted anything since December tenth!"Me: "I haven't had anything to say."Jim: "That's not true."Me: (thinking) Oh, but it is. Happy winter! We are celebrating by being buried under 8" of lovely fluffy white snow, capped with a … Continue reading

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Celine Dion is amazing

You know it's true, haters. (Terry.)

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Bake, braise, roast

A few months ago, I decided that I need to develop my skills (a la Napoleon Dynamite). And one skill I decided to focus on was baking: specifically, I wanted to begin baking all the bread that our family ate … Continue reading

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A star is born, kinda

Well, crap on a crap cracker. I could swear I blogged about this back when I first happened, but I've spent the last ten minutes searching back through old posts and I can't find anything about it. Apparently I was … Continue reading

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Ceci n’est pas une homeschooler

Funny thing, this. It's 11:13 on a Monday morning. My kids are running around in their pajamas (actually, their t-shirts and boxers). They slept in partly because we stayed up late last night watching science experiments on YouTube and the … Continue reading

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