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I Breed

with apologies to the Pixies Prithee my dear, Why are we here? Nobody knows. We go to sleep As breathing flows My mind secedes I… um…. breed. I have two children. They are boys. They are loud, demanding, wild and … Continue reading

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I Traded My Baby for Crack Cocaine!

Is there any thrill more complete, any joy more unadulterated, than that of stumbling upon a new-to-you literary genre/subculture? Can any of life’s more typical pleasures–chocolate suckers from See’s, a sparkly-clean bathroom, a rollicking orgasm–possibly hope to compete? Nope. They … Continue reading

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Drinks and Sushi in D.C.

Ahhh, a Saturday night in D.C. The candlelight was just right, the hi-fi was in the background, and the wine (actually, mai tai) was delicious. After a five-day girls’ trip with my mom and sister Hannah (who is neither hard-hearted … Continue reading

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The Obligatory Self-Justification

So I succumbed to the TypePad siren song (thanks, Tara; thanks, Cathy). And now, being somewhat familiar with the whole navel-gazing blog genre, I know I’m supposed to post some self-conscious muddle about how I’m not sure what I’m going … Continue reading

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