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Science Sunday: Bears… in… spaaaaaace!

Behold the humble tardigrade, or "water bear."   These tiny eight-legged invertebrates, measuring a millimeter in length at most, are found in damp environments around the world. They especially favor clumps of moss and lichen, the ground around the bottoms … Continue reading

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Happy Valentine’s Day: The Sex Edition

Isn’t it lovely that there’s a day each year devoted to that most bubbly and unreliable of emotions, Romantic Love? Where would florists, Hallmark shops and retailers of novelty panties be without Valentine’s Day? But really, at the heart of … Continue reading

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Science Friday: Babies having babies

Pity the hapless Tenontosaurus. A mild-mannered herbivorous dinosaur, it spent its days rummaging around for enough leafy food to sustain its two-ton bulk. But its life in the swampy lowlands of the early Cretaceous period was no walk in the … Continue reading

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Science Friday: Suicide Thigh Cream edition

Let’s get scientific!And talk about how to do science! Because there aren’t enough Brazilian models in the world already: Brazilian researchers have discovered that a cream containing a 7% caffeine solution can apparently reduce the circumference of women’s thighs. In … Continue reading

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Science Friday: Can you dig it?

So this is something that I’m trying out and may or may not maintain for the long haul. Welcome to the first-ever Science Friday at the Picayune-Democrat. My goal here is to highlight science news, blogs and commentary which might … Continue reading

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