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Jingle brains

So Rachel found some swell Christmas ornamental type stuff which she is digging, and that sort of inspired me to go on a quest of my own, and one thing led to another, and I ended up Googling "zombie Christmas … Continue reading

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Nowell, Nowell

First things first: a very happy birthday to my belovedest brother! 28… man, that's getting up there. Second things second: at the suggestion of my genius sister, the Schardt/Newman clan is going Handmade for the Holidays. Yep, break out the … Continue reading

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Holiday cheer

My first stab at a Christmas photo card design, featuring the gorgeous children (and photo talents) of April Anderton and the exquisitely cool "Festive Song" papers & elements by Anna Aspnes. (That's a lotta As.) It is admittedly hard to … Continue reading

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That's how much I spent at the grocery store today. I wanted to keep it under $20, but we were out of both conditioner and toothpaste. Here's what that buys you: 5 pounds of potatoes 2 pounds of flour 2 … Continue reading

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An unexpected obstacle

So I want to design cute holiday cards for other people and maybe make it so we can have a wee bit of a Christmas this year. But in order to do so, I need some good sample photos. And … Continue reading

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Art! Art and CDs for everyone it shall be!

The boys and I made some swell art today, and I'm just longing to send it to one of you. Everyone who leaves a comment on the previous post by midnight on Sunday will get some art, also a CD, … Continue reading

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That’s a lotta comments

So I noticed about a week ago that we were nearing 3000 total comments… not too bad for a blog with a readership just slightly above that of the fine print at the end of cell phone contracts. And I … Continue reading

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