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Why leave well enough alone?: an adventure with Southeast Asian chicken curry

When you plan to bring dinner to a friend, it’s probably best to make sure that the dish you want to bring is not something s/he acknowledges as a specialty. Fortunately, there’s more than one way to do a “chicken … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving Tradition, or, the soup blog lives!

Creamy with butternut squash, pungent with onion and curry, lightly sweet with apple, this simple soup is a welcome tradition on the Thanksgiving table. Continue reading

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How do you solve a bunch of tomatillos?

…How do you eat them ‘fore they all go bad? So we had a bumper crop this year. As in, one can no longer turn around in our kitchen without bumping into crop. The tomatoes, after a slow start, did … Continue reading

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Arabian squash, like Arabian nights…

This one’s straight outta Katzen, which is sort of like being straight outta Compton, except a lot less intimidating-sounding. Also, one of my most favorite things to cook/eat ever. Also pretty, which is kinda rare for a casserole, which makes me sad that I don’t have a photo. Humph and alas. Continue reading

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Dribs, drabs and a little masala

What do you get when you have half a pound of pork, half a bell pepper, half a bag of frozen peas, and a whole bunch of rice noodles?

In this case, at least, what you get is curried noodle stir-fry. This recipe is 100% adaptable to whatever sort of veggies (bok choy! eggplant! green beans!) or protein (ground chicken! frozen/crumbled tofu!) you have on hand, and is also a fine way of getting rid of little tag-ends of sauces and other ingredients. The garlic, ginger, garam masala (or curry powder) and soy sauce are fairly critical; everything else is up for interpretation. Continue reading

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Empty Fridge Dinner #1: Paprika Chicken

Armed with just a handful of stuff that’s always sitting around anyway, plus a pound of chicken thighs and half a cup of sour cream, I came up with this Paprika Chicken. Served with steamed brown rice (tip: cook it in chicken or vegetable broth to boost the flavor) and sauteed zucchini, it made a tasty and substantial dinner. Continue reading

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Soup365 #107: Feeling Hungary?

I'm about as WASPy Americanized as you can get. My family's "old country" is California. We had not a single hardy babushkaed ancestor arrive on Ellis Island, as far as I can tell. Our "teeming masses yearning to breathe free" … Continue reading

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