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So the boys and I were watching "Blackadder Goes Forth," which is of course set during WWI, and which you should absolutely see if you've not yet had the opportunity. Partial transcript from the episode "Goodbyeeee!": George: All right, so, … Continue reading

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Tears of the Minotaur

Wouldn't that be a great, by which I mean awful, title for a fantasy novel? I think I'll write it, once I get done with the current (ha) one (ha ha). Which I did write almost 5000 words on yesterday, … Continue reading

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Historically speaking, or my kids in a nutshell

So in the interests of attaining cultural literacy, the boys and I watched Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure tonight. Yes, possibly one of the stupidest movies of the '80s, but still fairly entertaining. Afterwards: Me (thinking this would be a … Continue reading

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Notable quote

Setting: watching the Eyewitness: Volcano (cool series, BTW) about volcanoes. A fiery burst explodes across the screen. Fisher: "Wow. The only thing I can think of that's prettier than that is a supernova." (considers) "And Marvin. And you." All together … Continue reading

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The scene: the checkout desk at our local library. It's two minutes 'til closing. We're the last people in line to get our books. We step up to the counter. There are two librarians working; one is Native American, one … Continue reading

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The boys are back in town

And not a moment too soon. I was getting awful twitchy without them. Tonight we returned to our regular routine. Jeopardy!, Simpsons, dinner. Except usually I make dinner while they're watching Simpsons but tonight it was the one where the … Continue reading

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It’s oh so quiet

Tuesday afternoon, we packed up the giant orange suitcase and the two crammed-full-of-books backpacks and the large stuffed cheetah (Schwarz) and the small stuffed jaguar?/leopard? (D.C.) and the seven-year-old blond kid and the nine-year-old brunet kid into the Land Rover … Continue reading

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Craft on a craft cracker

So the bug of makingness has apparently bitten me, and things are being made as a result. Not useful things, such as houses or money; not lofty things, such as charitable donations or Life Goals. No; these are crafty things … Continue reading

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We've been a wee bit obsessed with all things winged here at the Jedi Temple Academy. The boys' fascination with World War I aircraft continues apace. Rhys is in D.C. with Grammy and whiled away several hours looking at the … Continue reading

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Once bitten, twice shy

This is my son Fisher. Have you met Fisher? When he was a baby, he frequently screamed himself into red-faced fits. Someone (Herm?) nicknamed him "Mr. Furious." (Note to self: add Mystery Men to Netflix queue. Time we saw that … Continue reading

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