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A small change, briefly noted

There is a minivan I see every day at Fisher’s school, dropping off and picking up. I first noticed it because it’s the same make/model/year as my car and my acquaintance Gina’s car (her daughter also goes to the same … Continue reading

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Leftover turkey and an epiphany

First, the turkey. For our Thanksgiving crew of three adults (one of whom is a vegetarian) and two children (both of whom go on apparent hunger strikes during special occasions), we had a 12-pound turkey. Which means lots of leftovers. … Continue reading

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La domestique,

c’est moi. On this delightfully cold (yet disappointingly snowless) day, I’ve been doing one of my most favorite things ever: Puttering. A little of this. A little of that. Making blueberry muffins for breakfast and breaking in my new Pampered … Continue reading

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Grateful, half-dead

Well, perhaps "half" is an exaggeration. Perhaps "one-quarter" or even "one-eighth" would be more appropriate. Yes, I’ve caught The Ick. Throat-hackin’, head-achin’, neck-stiffenin’ Ick. But armed with my trusty arsenal of Excedrin, ibuprofen, acetomeniphen, pseudoephedrine and every other OTC -en … Continue reading

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Too cool for school

Now I know how my mom must have felt. You try and try to impart your Wisdom of the Ages, earned at great personal cost over the years, to your kids. You speak in koans and proverbs. You find yourself … Continue reading

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A funny French sentence…

…from the instructions on my Stampin’ Scrub ™ from Stampin’ Up! (R). "Frotter le tampon sur le plateau humide."

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Very like a Toad

(with murmured apologies to Ogden Nash) Literature is important. It allows us to drink deeply at the fount of human experience. It offers us a window into the experiences of Others. And it is fun to read. Also, it gives … Continue reading

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Where am I?

So my sister came up with this great plan: Fly to California and surprise my parents. So we bought our tickets (thanks, sweetie!). And we conspired gleefully. And then our brother tried to convince my mom to come out and … Continue reading

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Leftist Libertarian

That would be me, apparently. Check out your own political compass. I’m an Economic Left/Right -7.38 and an Authoritarian/Libertarian -8.00. Which puts me in the same quadrant as Gandhi and the Dalai Lama… and diametrically opposed to His Bushiness. And … Continue reading

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a teeny, weeny, tiny bit chilling

So I’m flipping through the new Scrapbooks, Etc. (my second favorite scrapping magazine after Simple). Hm. A feature on scrapbooking military accomplishments. Hm. Well, support the troops and all that… I take a look. The title: "Patriot Acts." *shudder*

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