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You’ve got answers, we’ve got questions

These are 13 of the 15 questions we’ll be asking on the Super Amazing Trivia Brainbuster Insanity-Fest as part of our fund drive show on KAFM today. It’s $10 a pop to answer, with many fine schwag-packs available for pledgers, … Continue reading

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A very trivial pursuit

Spring is in the air, sort of. (Actually, it’s been snowing slushily on and off for about two days.) And with the coming of spring comes the coming of the KAFM Spring Fund Drive. How, you ask, does this affect … Continue reading

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Older? Check. Wiser? Not so much.

You want cupcakes? I’ll give you cupcakes! And an extra-special juicy chunk o’ chocolatey goodness with donkey sprinkles on top: These amateurish efforts at second-birthday cheer brought to you courtesy of the Wacom tablet that I, er, just pulled out … Continue reading

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Ten more things, because

it’s Tuesday. (Last week’s random ten: here.) I have four–no, five–novels in various stages of incompleteness cluttering up my hard drive. (Two are rather less incomplete than the others.) I can’t write with fancy pens. The best pen: a black … Continue reading

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Alberto Gonzales has a blog

to make up, perhaps, for his rapidly dwindling posse. Not quite as snarkalicious yet as the infamous Harriet Miers blog, but Gonzo Al’s Blog is off to a good start.

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From the “Unclear on the Concept” file

Taken from the e-mail header of a particularly unfortunate piece of spam I just deleted: "The sexist singles want to meet you!" And this is supposed to tantalize me how?

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I’m sorry, Father; I tried

Yeah, yeah. So the frenzied post-a-thon came to an inglorious, sputtering end. Just because my husband is out of town, my kids have a BMX race (that started an hour late and went an hour late) and my in-laws have … Continue reading

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Rock on, me

So assuming I can count correctly (and oh, Reader, what a large assumption that is), this is my tenth post in ten days. Never before has the Pic-Dem aspired to such sustained verbosity. Party hats and Sidecars for everybody! Also: … Continue reading

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Tell you what. It’s not going to be a very wonderful day. (Don’t you hate when it’s 9:30 in the morning and you already know that?) But I think I’m going on nine straight days of posting here, and I … Continue reading

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Elizabeth Edwards and her husband John

Yes, it’s entirely too early for all this 2008 hat-in-the-ring presidential happy crappy. And this is really not a political blog. (Stop snickering.) But I really like John Edwards–a dedicated family man with true populist values who is willing to … Continue reading

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