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I can NOT get past level 10 on this ratafratzin' game no matter how hard I try. How 'bout you? Care to test your mastery of "World Capitals: Very Hard" against mine?

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Tim Curry says…

…Happy Halloween, bwitches! Now back to wrapping & pinning Rhys into his toga. Just call him Little Caesar. ("Pizza, pizza.")

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Ghostly tales

In honor of Halloween and the nightmares (mostly election-related) that have been haunting me of late… here are the ghost stories (both "ghost" and "stories" should probably be in separate sets of quotes) I wrote when Suzy and I went … Continue reading

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Off to the dentist at 9:40 tomorrow morning. Which is, generally speaking, waaay too freakin early to be up and about doing anything. I hope I can get an appointment to get things actually fixed in the next week or … Continue reading

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Coincidence? You decide.

I was just thinking about Mike Gravel–my first candidate of choice for the Democratic nomination–this morning. And then John Cole at Balloon Juice reposted this video today, which truly brings the crazy: So I think the certifiably insane probably couldn't … Continue reading

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Rhys (in an uncannily accurate Sarah Palin-esque voice): "I can see Russia from my house." Fisher: "Yeah, if Sarah Palin's house was on one little bitty island waaaaay off the coast of Alaska, then she could see one other little … Continue reading

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The video that justifies the existence of YouTube

…per my Herm. Terry, this is the one I was telling you about.

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Song for Sarah

Russian love is a rare and passionate thing.

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Blithery yammery memeity blah

Oooh, it's another quizzy memey kind of thing. But this one is extra special awesome! Courtesy of the fabulous Miss April Anderton… here are the rules: * Choose a singer/band/group. * Answer using ONLY titles of songs by that singer/band/group. … Continue reading

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In which waah waah waaaahh

My tooth hurts. It's been hurting on and off for a couple of months. It's one of the molars in my upper right maxilla. Probably the one the dentist told me was going to need a root canal sooner or … Continue reading

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